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What's up, What's down how's the market donig, know it all right here!

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Bluechip Tradelink Pvt. Ltd. has been proudly affiliated with Shah Investors Home Pvt. Ltd. which is the first broker house established in Gujarat to be a member of National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) and the first broking name to render services in NSE F&O in Ahmedabad. Today, SIHL has emerged as a premier stock-broker house by focusing its services on the retail client’s network.

  • The motto of Shah Investors Home Ltd.
  • Bluechip Tradelink Ltd. is to keep their customers at heart first.
  • The focus has been on providing diverse investment options with a healthy long-term perspective and broadening the service across different financial sectors.


Year of Experience

Our Best Services

Stock Trading

stock market trading comprises the buying and selling of various company scrips through authorized persons, called stock brokers. When the market presents an upward trend (i.e. shares are normally being bought in anticipation of price-rises in the future), we call it a bullish market. However, when the market shows a downward trend (i.e. shares are sold in anticipation of a fall in price), it is termed as bearish market. This basically comprises the core of stock market trading. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Stock market trading goes beyond this normal buying and selling spree of stocks

Demat Services

Dematerialization helps an investor hold the securities in Electronic Form, works similar to a bank account. It is safe, secure, convenient and hassle-free. At SIHL we provide demat facility for two major depositories in the country – Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) as we are members of both

Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund is a pool of money received from the investors with a common objective. Mutual Funds collect, invest and manage the collected funds professionally using its expertise & experience in equity / debt / other instruments as pre-defined objective to generate maximum return to pass back to investors.
Mutual funds issue units, representing investor's share in the total corpus of the chosen scheme, to investors in accordance with quantum of money invested. The investors in proportion to their investment share the profit / loss.

Commodity Services

Commodity trading is the oldest trade in the world. The origins of which can be traced back to the origins of civilized societies.
In India, there are many spot commodity markets for various classes of commodities, like agriculture, metals, energy & livestock. The organized futures trading is also permitted on various agriculture, metal and energy commodities and it is regulated now by SEBI just like the equity and currency futures markets.
Examples of various commodities that are traded on Indian markets are:

  • Energy (e.g. Crude Oil, Natural Gas)
  • Bullion (e.g. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond)
  • Base Metals (e.g. Copper, Zinc)
  • Agricultural Commodities (e.g. Wheat, Rice, Sugar, Pulses)

Our NRI Service

Introducing NRI Service

India is one of the fastest growing large economy of the world. Many global investors eye to take part in India’s growth story by investing in the Indian Capital Markets.

While foreigners are not allowed to invest directly in the Indian markets, the Government of India has allowed NRIs to directly invest in the Indian markets.

From geographic and currency diversification benefits to unparalleled growth potential, there are many reasons why NRIs should strongly consider investment in India.

About us

Bluechip Tradelink Pvt.Ltd. was initially founded in the year 1991 by Mr. Narendra Patel and Mr. Rakesh Patel for the sole purpose of wealth management for their respected clients. The company bluechip tradelink private limited was incorporated in the year 2002 and Mr. Narendra patel and Mr. Rakesh Patel took the firm to the new heights and became Managing Director and the Director of the company. Bluechip tradelink holds a solid reputation when it comes to its integrity, reputation and work ethics code and they have proven themselves as one of the most efficient, optimum and expert fund managers and sub-brokers in the Indian stocks and securities market. Bluechip stands out from their peers on their one-on-one client consulting and providing the effortless investment advice by their expertise and knowledge for all the classes of investors.

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Core Values


The firm holds strict policies towards maintaining highest standard of integrity of the firm as well their team.


Delivering the top-notch services as per the client’s high expectations.

Ethics Code

The firm runs the business with a code of ethics to maintain complete transparency with their clientele.

Our Details

Authorised capiatal: 15,00,000/-
Piad up Capital : 13,00,000/-

Name of director DIN Number Disignation Share holding % Photo of director
Narendra Dharamshibhai Patel 00707742 Director 51%
Alpakumari RakeshKumar Patel 02351144 Director 26%
Rakeshkumar Dharamshi Patel 00707784 Director 21%

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